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Get Many Invoices

Get Many Invoices

Query Parameters
  • orderNumber number


    Example: 12345
  • irn string

    Order IRN

    Example: 12345
  • dispensary string

    Dispensary name

    Example: Dispensary name
  • organizationName string

    Organization name

    Example: Organization name
  • organizationId string

    Organization ID

    Example: 458c8396-2b53-46cc-8a4d-b8f600eb3f1e
  • startDate date

    Starting delivery date of order - "deliveryDate"

    Example: 2022-04-20
  • endDate date

    Ending delivery date of the order - "deliveryDate"

    Example: 2022-04-20
  • startDueDate date

    Starting date upon which order is due - "dueDate"

    Example: 2022-04-20
  • endDueDate date

    Ending date upon which order is due - "dueDate"

    Example: 2022-04-20
  • page number required
  • limit number required

    Possible values: >= 1 and <= 500


Successful Operation

  • id uuid

    System-generated UUID to identify order

  • deliveryDate date

    Date upon which order is delivered

  • overdue number

    Number of Days between current date and Due Date

  • discount number


  • name string

    Brand-input name describing order

  • orderNumber number

    System-generated numeric ID for order

  • surcharge number


  • creditMemo string

    Credit Memo

  • exciseTaxCollected number

    Excise Tax Collected

  • organizationName string

    Organization Name

  • dueDate date

    Invoice Due Date. Formerly named gmvDueDate

  • exciseTaxDueDate date

    Excise Tax Due Date

  • subtotal number

    Subtotal. Formerly known as gmv.

  • subtotalCollected number

    $ amount collected for order (typically from partial payments). Formerly known as gmvCollected.

  • subtotalDue number

    Net Amount less partial collections

  • total number

    Order total

  • due number

    Net balance and excise tax less any amount collected

  • manifest string

    URL for order PDF documentation

  • posoNumber string

    Brand-input value reflecting internal brand system ID to identify corresponding Nabis order

  • futureNumber number

    Order Number of future brand delivery to customer

  • futureDate date

    Date of future brand delivery to customer

  • tax number


  • dispensary string


  • siteState string

    Site State

  • region string


  • creator string

    Name of the user that submitted order

  • creatorEmail email

    Email address of user that submitted order

  • retailerUuid uuid

    System-generated unique ID of order destination

  • mustPayPriorBalance boolean

    Must pay prior balance (Balances required for delivery will be associated with orders created after 2023-03-29)

  • lineItems object[]

    Line Items

  • quantity number

    Line item quantity ordered

  • pricePerUnit number

    Line item $ price per unit

  • standardPricePerUnit number

    The wholesale, un-discounted system unit price of a product from the Inventory Tab at time of order creation

  • isExciseTaxable boolean

    Line item is excise taxable

  • discount number

    Line item discount amount