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API Updates and Additions

· One min read
Matt Carter

We have updated the nomenclature of field names in the API:

  • /order Endpoint
    • orderGmv -> orderSubtotal
    • orderNetGmv -> orderTotal
    • lineItemGmv -> lineItemSubtotal
  • /invoice Endpoint
    • gmv -> subtotal
    • gmvCollected -> subtotalCollected

Inventory History

90 days of batch-level inventory history data. Queryable at the Nabis SKU Batch ID or snapshot date level.

Date Input Validation

We will officially require input parameters that are a date type to be properly formatted in yyyy-mm-dd format, as previously stated in the Overview/Dates and Times documentation.

Providing an improperly formatted date will result in an error response.

OpenAPI Field Update

The PO/SO field on the /invoice endpoint was initially listed as a number in a prior version of the documentation, but this was incorrect. It has been updated to be a Nullable<string>.