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Dates and Times

All date and date/time fields that are submitted to the API are expected to be in ISO8601 format. All date and date/time fields returned by the server will also be in ISO 8601 format.


The only ISO8601 date format supported is YYYY-MM-DD. A format other than this will result in a Bad request exception being returned.

Example: 2022-04-20

All dates and timestamps returned will be in UTC.


Date2022-04-20This date format represents April 20th, 2022 UTC. This is generally how all dates are expected in input, and how all dates are formatted for output.
Timestamp2022-04-20T16:20:00.000ZThis date/time format represents April 20th, 2022 at 4:20:00.000 PM UTC. A timestamp in a response would be an example of where this format would be seen.

Providing dates in your query parameters

You are able to provide a single date for both the start and end date parameters to retrieve results for a single date.

If you provide an improperly formatted date, you will receive a 400 error of Bad Request Exception or Invalid ISO8601 date provided for snapshot date. Format: 'YYYY-MM-DD'. Example: '2022-04-20' error depending on the route.

Orders for a single day example

If you wanted to retrieve all orders for your organization that were created on 2022-04-20, you would use the query parameters below:

$ curl -H "x-nabis-access-token: <access-token>" \